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Additional Services 

Our gym, is your gym! What are your fitness needs? The owners and coaches at CrossFit Dark Star are here to help you meet your goals! Do you have an athletic gym that needs a group training program or facility? Just contact us at and we will do our best to accomodate your needs! We look forward to working with you no matter where your fitness level is!

Personal Training

We offer one on one training for those who have specific requirements. This is a great option for individuals who cannot attend the group fundamental training or for those who simply prefer private training. We will help you identify your fitness goals and provide you with personnel workouts. Contact us today and one of our trainers will assist you in improving your athletic performance.


We offer Strength and Conditioning for teams looking to increase their athlete's athletic abilities both on or off season. Whether you require 1 session,weekly or monthly  sessions with your athletes we will work with you to come up with the best program and times that meet the needs of you and your athletes. We have trained many local athletes at all levels ranging from hockey teams to the gymnastics club in Prince George. Inquire today if you are looking to make significant strides and take your athlete's overall athletic performance to the next level.


CrossFit Dark Star provides nutrition resources and coaching. Would you like assistance with your diet? Paleo and the Zone Diet are two diets commonly used by the CrossFit community. Here is a great article Courtesy of CrossFit Inc that can help define what meal plans could work for you. 





Looking for additional resources? Click on the CrossFit Journal link at the bottom of our page to find over 200 related articles on nutrition.





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