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Getting Started

Want to join CrossFit Dark Star? Is it your first time trying CrossFit? Look below for the different ways you can start today. You can also come and check out the gym, meet the coaches, preview class times, see our membership options, sign up and join in on a class.


Fundamental Training Program


All new athletes to CrossFit begin by taking our Fundamentals training program. Starting new athletes in the Fundamentals program not only allows us to assess your fitness but more importantly provide you with the necessary basic skills to make your entry into regular group classes as safe, seamless and rewarding as possible. 


Completing the fundamentals course can be accomplished with the following options:


  1. 8 Day Fundamentals group class. Held Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8pm, this is the regularly scheduled fundamentals class which starts with day one and continues twice a week for 4 weeks finishing on day 8. At the end of the 4 weeks the class starts up again the following Tuesday with day 1. Cost $50 which is used as a credit to your first membership.


  1. Group Class and One on One. If there are scheduling conflicts with the regular Fundamentals group class or you miss a days you can supplement the missed days with One on One instruction. One on One instruction is usually faster and typically two Fundamentals days can be covered in a one hour session. Cost $40/session plus the $50 Group fundamentals fee. Group Fundamentals fee is used as a credit to your first membership. One on One Fees are not.


  1. One on One Accelerated. Really excited to get into regular classes? The One on One option allows the athlete to run through the entire Fundamentals Program at an accelerated pace. Typically the entire program can be done in 4 or 5 One on One sessions and can be done at any time/interval (is subject to Coach availability). Cost is $40 per session. One on One Fees do not get applied to first membership 




I have a lot of experience in sports and in the gym, (why) do I need to complete the Fundamentals program?


We welcome athletes from all backgrounds but we still require everyone complete the Fundamentals Program. The program allows us to assess everyone’s fitness, skill and movement before they are introduced into regular classes. The program covers the basics like CrossFit methodology, language and proper warm up, but also touches on complex movements we complete in CrossFit that most people have never been exposed to. We ensure that everyone understands the safe way to complete the daily exercises and is able to scale or adapt a movement to match their skill level at that time. Preparing athletes in the Fundamentals program makes entry into regular programming seamless and less intimidating for new members and allows the coach in the daily workouts to be able to give everyone the attention they deserve. We want to create safe, sustainable, long term fitness. Even if you are comfortable with every movement it’s a great opportunity to dial in the basics. With the Fundamentals group class, you have nothing to lose as your fee goes towards your first membership!


If you still feel you don’t need the Fundamentals Class we can hold a One on One fitness assessment in which we will test all of the methodology, movements, scaling and intensity that are covered in the Fundamentals course. Cost is $40 and will not be applied to your first membership. If you do not pass the assessment you will be required to complete the Fundamentals course. 


​The best way to get a real sense of CrossFit is to stop by and take one of our FREE trial classes. Both our trial and skills classes each include some careful instruction on basic movements and a short CrossFit workout based on those movements.  Our goal with this class is to give you a taste of what CrossFit is, so you can see why so many people around the world are hooked.


CrossFit Definitions 

WOD: Workout of the Day

The Box: Crossfit Gym

Metcon: Metabolic conditioning


What to Bring

Athletic Shoes

Workout Attire

Water Bottle

New to CrossFit

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