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To honor our veterans this Remembrance Day we planned to do something a little different with the programming this week

.Hero WOD Week

Starting tomorrow through Sunday we will be doing a Hero WOD daily in honor of a fallen soldier. The CrossFit Hero WOD’s are some of the most demanding workouts that you will ever experience. The intent of a hero wod is to perform it with intense effort to honor the fallen hero.We don't want you to look forward on this week as something that will be too hard or that you cannot do. Instead focus on what you can do, we will help you scale the workouts as needed, and during each wod we want you to think about the Hero that has given his all and help us honor these Hero’s with your best effort.

These WOD’s are tough but we have programmed them in such a way that it is very doable. We will be posting the daily wod to the Facebook page this week and would like to encourage everyone to post your times, experience or small victories or even something about a loved one that you might be remembering in the comments throughout the week. We are also encouraging our members to try and make it to all of the wods of possible.

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