Saturday Sept 15th

Barbell: A) Squat snatch On the Minute x 3: 3 Position Squat clean @ 60% (High hang (hip), above knee, ground) On the Minute x 3: 2 Position Squat clean 65% (above knee, ground) On the Minute x 6 mins: 1 Squat clean add weight each set B) Pausing Split Jerk 6 Sets of 2 reps: Pause for a full 1 second in dip, and catch Pausing OH Squat 6 Sets of 2 reps @ 13x1 (Pause for a full 3 seconds in bottom of squat) Endurance: A) 20 min amrap: 10 burpees 20 wall balls 20/14 250m row B) 6 rounds: 1 min air bike 1 min rest Score is total AB Cals

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