Throughout this week a handful of our members participated in a wod in support of a 5 year old boy named Brock. Brock has to have a bone marrow transplant and undergo chemotherapy. Brock has ALD (adrenoluekodystrophy). ALD is a genetic disease that severely affects boys and men. It affects the nerve cells that allow us to think and control our muscles -The 100 is significant because the 100 day mark after the transplant is a major milestone, usually it marks the end of hospitalization and out patient care. -The 7 is significant because Brock will undergo 7 straight days of intense chemotherapy prior to his transplant. #cantstopbrock We are so blessed to be part of the CrossFit community, not only here at CrossFit Dark Star, but also world wide. It is truly amazing to see so many people come together to show support. #toughworkoutforatoughboy #cantstopbrock #goodlucklittleman #adrenoleukodystrophy #bonemarrowtransplant #stemcelltransplant #wodforacause #crossfitcommunity #communityforged  

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