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Monday November 11th Remembrance Day:               gym open 12-2

Sgt George Rudolf Miok “Georgie Boy” 5 rounds “the Five” 2 rope climbs 17 pushups 28 box jumps 24/20 800 m row Significance of the numbers for the Hero Wod: 5 rounds for “The Five” that gave their lives. Georgie Boy served 2 tours of duty, joined the military at 17, was killed serving his country at 28 years old in a road side explosion 4kms south of Kandahar City Sergeant, 41 Combat Engineer Regiment, based in Edmonton, Alberta. He was deployed with the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, part of the Canadian contingent of NATO forces serving in Afghanistan. Aged 28. Sgt Miok was one of four Canadian soldiers and a journalist, Michelle Lang, killed by a massive roadside bomb explosion. Four other soldiers and another Canadian civilian official were injured in the incident about four kilometres south of Kandahar city. The three other fallen were Sgt Kirk Taylor, Cpl Zachery McCormack and Pte Garrett Chidley. From Sherwood Park, AB Sgt Miok joined the military at age 17 in 1998, following in his father's footsteps. He served a tour of duty in Bosnia in 2002 and his first mission in Afghanistan in 2006. In civilian life he was a well-loved junior high school teacher. A gifted athlete, he loved playing sports, especially soccer, baseball, hockey, football and rugby; he also enjoyed dancing, movies and comedy. Along with his family, he was very active in the Edmonton area Hungarian-Canadian community. Funeral with full military honours was held on January 9, 2010 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Sherwood Park. Canada has now lost 138 military personnel in Afghanistan since the mission started in 2002. Ms Lang is the fourth Canadian civilian, along with a diplomat and two aid workers, killed in the conflict. **** Georgie liked shouting "Lets Get A Double Down Here!" **** So let’s double dip this Remembrance Day wod today!!! “Peacock” a tribute to CFDS’s very own Hero 1977 m on erg of your choice (assault bike, row, ski) Starting with, and every minute on the minute stop and do 4 burpees until You complete 1977m on the Erg Lee was born Oct 19 1977 Started at 44 Field Engineer Squadron straight out of High School. He Enrolled in a Combat Trade (Combat Engineer), Transferred to Reg Force in 1995 until 2007. He served a Tour of Bosnia in 1997 Became 2nd in command of a combat section upon his return back. Started Pretraining for Afganistan w/ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) in 2007, Lee was injured during pretraining and denied the tour, That tour was the tour George was killed. If He had been allowed, He would have more than likely been in the vehicle with him. That has always stuck in his mind. Lee did his Combat Engineer Qualificatin level 3 & 5's Section 2IC course with George Miok in 2001 & 2002 & Served with him from 2000-2007

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